Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 7 Notices

We have two more swimming lessons with Henk this week (Monday and Tuesday). Please make sure that you have your togs and towel on both of these days.

Home Learning has been set for this week.

We have one week to go before we are on camp. Let's hope that the weather eases up for Room 1 who are going tomorrow.

The teachers visited the camp site on Friday afternoon and below is additional information.

  • Life jackets will be worn on the rafts and on the river tubing. The river is well below the marae site and there are steps down to the river, so flooding should not be an issue.
  • When we arrive there will be a powhiri welcoming us on to the marae. Ladies, you do not need to wear a black skirt/dress. 
  • After rafting on the first day, we will all be going to the free hot pools nearby. Those parents who are helping on camp or transporting on the first day, bring swimming gear if you would like a swim.
  • The safety of children is paramount so the decision on whether water activities will go ahead will be made closer to the time of each camp.
Gear List
Baking: Please send some baking along to school on the day we leave (Please, no nuts in the baking). The baking will be shared out for morning and afternoon teas.

Backpack which each student will keep with them on the first day. This bag should contain:
  • Morning tea, lunch and a filled named drink bottle for the first day of the Camp.  Please make sure this is easily accessible and named (a disposable paper or plastic bag would be better than a lunchbox).
  • Raincoat (if weather is dry, put this in your bag with your other clothes)
  • Sunhat
  • Sunblock
  • Pencil/Pen (you will get a booklet)
Bag - Please pack a small bag (gym bag or similar) and NOT a suitcase. We need to pack all luggage in car boots and we will not have room for suitcases.
Large plastic bag for dirty or wet clothing
Sleeping bag or blanket 
Single sheet (to cover mattress)
Pillow and pillow case
Two towels 
Swimsuit and plastic bag
Sweatshirts or fleece jackets or jersey
Jeans, trousers or sweatpants
Sports shoes or similar
Jandals or sandals
Tissues - small packet for personal use
Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, comb/hairbrush

Camera (bring at your own risk)

Pack of cards or small board game

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