Sunday, 3 September 2017

Weekly Notices Week 7 Term 3

I hope all our Dad's had a great day today. My own Dad is coming for dinner he does every Sunday. It is also his birthday this week. He'll be 85!! And he's still out hunting and fishing, what a guy.

Thank you to Lucy, Sara and their friends who taught us how to make slime for Golden time, it was REALLY fun!! Photos to come, sorry I left the Ipad at school!

We are really focussing on times tables at the moment. On our learning site there is a whole page dedicated to learning times tables. It is imperative these are learnt in Yr's 5 and 6 as it is difficult to make further progress in maths without knowing them.


Go4It PE - Bring your PE gear.

Whole School singing


Sausage sizzle
ICT club
PI group practice

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