Friday, 28 April 2017

Week 1 Notices

Welcome back to school. I hope that you have all had a restful holiday. We have a busy first three weeks in the senior school and I will keep you updated along the way.

PE Gear
Bring your PE gear every day. We will be training for the Mini Marathon on Friday of the first week. We will also be training for cross country this term which is on the 26th of May.

Mini Marathon: Friday 5th of May

  • Please drop senior children off at the Events Energy Centre (Government Gardens) by 8.30am. There are around 2700 children participating so please be aware of the traffic.
  • Children are to come dressed in PE gear and have their school uniform and normal food items in their bags.
  • Bring a bottle of water to drink - you will need this.
  • Please note: All senior children are participating and will be dropped off at the event by parents, and they will walk back to school around lunchtime. Some middle school children are attending and have made their own arrangements.
  • Parent helpers are required so please fill in the form on the letter (sent home Monday) or email your child's class teacher. If you are able to help and to walk back to school with us, then we will make arrangements for you to be dropped off at the venue so that you can leave your car at school. If you wish to make your own arrangements, please let us know.
  • A letter explaining what is happening will be sent home on Monday.
Squash Lessons on Tuesday 2nd of May at school for the whole class.

Resurrection Liturgy: Tuesday 2nd of May at 10am in the hall. Room 3 and 4 children will be involved with this liturgy. All welcome.

Milo: Wednesday 3rd of May. Fundraiser to help pay entry costs for mini marathon. Senior classes will be organising this. $1 per cup of delicious hot milo.

Winter uniforms to be worn from now on. Please make sure that you are wearing the correct uniform.

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