Sunday, 9 April 2017

Week 11 Notices

Parent/teacher interviews on Monday and Tuesday and going to be '3 way conferences' which means that the parents/s, teacher and child are present to discuss learning. These conferences will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and will be 10 minutes long.

You could also use the St Mary’s School App to book an appointment. Go to the links tab and press school interviews. The code is 7zb55. 

Swimming: We will be swimming when possible this week. Please bring togs and towel every day this week.

Liturgy: Washing of the Feet will be on Thursday at 10am in the hall. This liturgy replicates when Jesus washed his disciples feet in an act to show that we are all servants of the Lord. Whanau are welcome to come along to our liturgy.

Winter Uniform: We will change into winter uniform next term.

I wish all families a wonderful Easter. Stay safe on the roads especially with the bad weather that is heading our way.

Home Learning: Here is a list of work that can be completed at home.

  • Complete all work that needs to be put on the blog.
  • Read through three other blogs in our class. 
  • Maths Whizz - keep this going throughout the holidays (3 progressions a week)
  • Learn the spelling list you are on and move onto the next one.
  • Goals: You will have several goals to work on at home.
  • Visit to do extra vocabulary, grammar and times tables work.

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