Sunday, 11 June 2017

Weekly Messages Term 2 Week 7

Hi everyone,

At last I'm here, seems to have been many weeks in the making. If you would like to meet me and have a chat, please call in on Wednesday morning at 8 am. The children will be cooking you breakfast! 

A bit about myself.

I have taught at St Mary's for 10 years, having taught Middle School, Senior School and Junior School. It is great to have a range of experience over all of these years, with a good knowledge of learning progressions. 

I have two children, Rachel who turns 20 today, is at University studying a co-joint degree in Psychology and Anthropology. She is very happy learning exactly what she wants to learn. Here goal is to do her Doctorate in Psychology through the Air Force. She has been learning to fly for several years, a mothers worst nightmare when they go solo! 

Daniel is in his Year 13 year and is a talented design artist. His goal is to go to Media Design School in Auckland next year or the year after. He is amazing a building computers from scratch (taught via You tube!). He loves to socialise with his mates, hang at the beach and play Dungeons ans Dragons. Oh and a bit of bike riding too. 

Mrs Whibley tells me some children last week were not on task and mucking about not completing their work. Please check in with your child if it was them and have a chat. 

This week:

MONDAY - Jrock children out

TUESDAY - Late start for Jrock children if necessary. 
                      Dynamos Leadership day - children going have been advised 9-2pm 

WEDNESDAY - 8 am Rm 3 Meet the teacher - come for breakfast 
                   and  have a chat if you wish. 
                            School singing 8.45 am
                            9 am ICAS Spelling  

THURSDAY - Kapa Haka
                        Last day for payment for School Photos

FRIDAY - Mandarin class 
                  School Photos - Please make sure your uniform is correct 

Secret word: Bonus - whisper this in my ear and you will receive a bonus something this week..... 

Any queries please emails me...

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