Sunday, 25 June 2017

Weekly Notices Week 9 Term 2

Tomorrow we are making our models. Models are to be made AT SCHOOL please. 

Don't forget to bring your bits and pieces that you have planned, such as, string, glue, sellotape, cardboard, tin foil, recycled containers. 

Mon  - Model making

Tues  - Completing posters, booklets, slide shows and model
Matariki Liturgy 10am

Wed  - OPEN afternoon and evening for parents to come and see our ideas around sustainability. Beginning at 1.30 pm - ending 5 pm. 

Cultural Dinner beginning at 5.30 pm (see Newsletter for details)

Thurs -  A band is coming to play at school 1.30 pm (No Kapa Haka this week)

Fri - The great ANNUAL Cake Competition (Notices went home for this one Friday)

Model Information we discussed last week....

All students are going to create a MODEL for something based on sustainability – either a renewable energy source or an invention which will help the environment. 

Step 1. Decide what you are going to make your project about and write it in your project booklet.
Step 2.  Make more notes in your project booklet – the pages are set out to help you.
Step 3.  Bring in things from home to make your model out of.  
Step 4.  Make your model.

Step 5.  Write about it!

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